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DJ Archive is Lyle Jensen, born and raised in the filthy South of Cape Town.

He acts as co-owner and A&R manager of South Africa’s own
twilight psy label, MMD Records!

Being involved within the music industry his entire life; he took direct interest in the darker Black Metal/Industrial genre in 1998, and under the moniker of “Isotope”, jammed death/black/thrash/grindcore and the occasional psy-trance DJ set in and around Cape Town. A few years later, he discovered psy-trance and after a few twisted experiences of Alien Safari’s, Crystal Visions, Timecode, Vortex’s & others, 5 years later finally decided with the help of Zion Linguist, to create a fresh label specifically focusing on the twilight (nighttime fullon) side of Psy-trance, and hence in late 2005, Mind Manipulation Device Records (or MMD Records for short)
was born!

He has played at virtually all of the large (& small) SA psy festivals including, Aliens Safari, Vortex, Earthdance CT, Village, Beartrap, Disasterpeace, as well as hosting their own MMD annual events, playing alongside pretty much all of SA top acts, as well as the likes of Absolum, B-55, Damage, Tryambaka, CPU, Hujaboy, Rastaliens, Azax Syndrome, Bombax, Mindcore, Domestic, Orca to name but a few.

Maintaining his need for versatility, he has been lucky enough to play B2B DJ sets with local names such as Frozen Ghost, Deliriant, Hiyarant, Lost & Found, Zion Linguist, Jester (Peak), SwiTcHcaChe, Rubix Qube, Iron Lotus as well as internationals Daksinamurti, Gatafreak, Anestetic, and Jafar (Beyond Logic). In August 2009 he joined Indian based label, Rudraksh Records, and in March of 2011, joined Mexican based label, Terror Lab Industries, and in turn signed respected label owners, Shiva Moon and DJ Transgenic to MMD Records. 2 relationships formed to bring psy awareness to these third-world countries!

After a lengthy negotiation, in late 2013 Archive was signed as as local SA representative for Spanish Psy power label, Dropland Recordings  creating a broad international spider-web of connections, all focused on promoting only the best cutting-edge psy today!


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