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Sun Department Mastering

Our mastering engineer Chrizzlix is graduated with a Bachelor Degree in audio production, a professional audiologist, psytrance live act, label manager and has more than 10 years experience in psytrance production and audio engineering. He is also designing and mastering psytrance samplepacks for Zenhiser. So if you ask for someone who is specialized in Trance and Psychedelic Trance and lives for that kind of music, let’s see how we can make your sound as good as possible! All mastering jobs include professional feedback to your mix and no extra fee for changes! If your mix needs some more detail work we can do stem mastering which means you give us like 4 Submixed (for example Kick, Bass, Percussion, Rest). Feel free to get in contact with us! Sun Department Mastering expanded their offer with professional video workshops to show how to improve your mix or design a specific synth sound you are asking for.  Email: [email protected]



– Includes a quick mix check

– Unlimited Revisions

– Fast Delivery


– Up to 20 single tracks

– Unlimited Revisions

– Fast Delivery


– Detailed review of your mix

Video Workshop

– How to fix a problem with your mix

– How we mastered your track

Psytrance Tutorials