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Psychedelic Techno

Both Entities

Cape Town [South Africa] close

Both Entities is a Cape Town based duo with a passion for underground sub-genres of Techno. Their energetic sets are curated to raise the vibration on the dance floor, connect  through their music and take their audience on a memorable journey.  “Two entities, one unique sound. “ Their mutual love […]


Johannesburg [South Africa] close

Zandré van Zyl is a 21 year old born in Cape Town on a Psychoactive Journey through sound. Psytech is a form of Psychedelic Techno that is taking the world by storm! It’s a hybrid genre that sits between Progressive Psytrance and Techno. It’s early days for Psytech but the […]

Luis M

Almada [Portugal] close

Luís Moreira is a young artist from Almada, Portugal. He stepped in the local and international scene with a blast, instantly acquiring fans from around the globe showcasing his distinct mix of progressive and melodic techno with a hint of psychedelic music. He is known for having some of most […]