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Minimal Techno

Bosse Faust

Hamburg [Germany] close

Bosse Faust is a native of Hamburg and the founder of the Copenhagen collective “Raveshalvøen“. Since then, Bosse collected music and was already considered the DJ in his circle of friends, who was often responsible for the music. His travels to, among others, Africa, America, Asia and New Zealand further […]

Dj Lex Green

Switzerland  [German] close

DJ LEX GREEN was born and raised in Munich (DE) and currently resides in Switzerland, where has been for a few years. His first encounter with electronic music was in the 90’s, but that was just the beginning of a bigger journey which continues to this day! It is due […]

The Great Dane

Cape Town [South Africa] close

Music is a sharing life-force for THE GREAT DANE – it brings power to those who like it slow. To those who dance into the next day. To those who connect through movement. To those who like rowing base lines, slow beats & shuffled grooves. Hailing from the sate of […]

Evan Kotton

Johannesburg [South Africa] close

Evan has been meticulously perfecting his craft for roughly a decade. His refined sound is distinctive and his onstage performance in a class of its own. Remaining true to his sound of driving Melodic Techno over the years has served him well. Evan’s music has received fantastic response with various […]

Mark Valsecchi

Johannesburg [South Africa] close

Making a name for himself as the mixing engineer of choice for a selection of the world’s leading electronic music acts and labels, as well as having worked in live sound and professional studios for upward of 15 Years – Mark has been carving a niche for his razor sharp […]

David Phoenix

Vienna [Austria] close

David Phoenix is a hungarian DJ and Producer, based in Vienna. His sound is minimal style techno, as dark as possible, vibrant grooves spiced up with industrial noises and trippy atmospheres. Even though he only launched his career recently, his productions are already signed to various record labels such as Music4Aliens, Mothr […]

Sam Ferry

Rio de Janeiro [Brazil] close

Sam Ferry, from Rio de Janeiro, is one of the biggest revelations in the national electronic scene. Graduated in Music Production at the International Academy of Electronic Music (AIMEC), with numerous tracks released in 3 years of career, she has had support from House Mag, Bruno Mattos, Zuffo, Eletro Vibez […]

Tony Di Sarno

Campania [Italy] close

Tony Di Sarno is a Dj from Campania (Italy), he’s the bright star of the 3soundproject set-up. When he was only 11, he discovered his passion for music. Studying drums at the Conservatorio di Avellino and increases his musical knowledge. In September 2014, after falling in love with techno music, […]


Nelson [New Zealand] close

Grouch encompasses the audible tales of New Zealand born producer Oscar Allison. Born and raised in the breathtaking vistas of Aotearoa/New Zealand, this incredible backdrop enthused and ignited a passion for dub and ethnic percussion which would later form the basis for his electronic journeys. Experimenting with electronic music since […]