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W O O D E N  H A N C R A F T E D  S T R I N G E D  P O L Y H E D R A

H a n d m a d e  w i t h  l o v e  i n  F r a n c e.

ARTWORK-E-V’s body of work explores the relationship between three-dimensional sacred geometry and two-dimensional string art as rendered through a minimalist aesthetic. Polyhedra are the playground in which he explores a novel approach to boundary dissolution, visualizing additional dimensions through a delicate arrangement of complementary or contrasting linear patterns.

All components are entirely handcrafted with special attention to detail. The strings are individually threaded with a needle and secured, one by one. Dedication to this process assures all joinery and knots are concealed in the final assembly. Ultraviolet reactive strings which glow in the presence of a black light can be utilized, providing for a special atmosphere.

For inquiries, information or customized project please contact  Kevin via Email at [email protected]
Phone: (+33) 7 69 56 02 02
or Facebook Messenger.