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Wilderness [South Africa]


Lili Rose’s alias ” Forest Fairy ” plays psychedelic psytrance ranging from 148-160bpm that consists of foresty sounds and groovy flowing basslines. She found her passion for DJing at a young age, starting in 2016. She is also well known in the Psytrance scene and she is widely recognized as one of the top female DJs in the industry. She is a remarkable DJ who has captivated audiences with her eclectic sets and enchanting stage presence. Born with a love for psytrance music igniting a passion that has shaped her career in the industry.

From the outset, Her versatility is evident as she expertly navigates through the realms of psytrance. This diversity has earned her a well-deserved reputation as a DJ with many aliases who can cater to a variety of audiences, ensuring that each set has a unique and captivating experience.  She has made a significant impact in the psytrance scene, mesmerizing crowds with her ethereal and mystical soundscapes.

“Drawing inspiration from nature and the spiritual realms. She creates a truly immersive experience, transporting her listeners to otherworldly dimensions as well as creating psytrance gatherings through her brand Universal Frequencies.”

What sets her apart from her peers is not only her exceptional musical talent but also her dedication to the craft of DJing. Known for her clean mixing and seamless transitions, she meticulously curates her sets to create a harmonious flow that keeps the energy alive on the dancefloor. Her attention to detail and commitment to delivering an unforgettable performance has solidified her status as one of the top female DJs in the industry.

Her stage presence is nothing short of captivating. With an enchanting aura and a magnetic energy, she effortlessly connects with her audience, guiding them on a sonic journey that transcends time and space. Her performances are not just about playing music but about creating an immersive atmosphere where the audience can lose themselves and experience the magic of the music and freely be themselves.

Throughout her career she has graced stages at renowned festivals and clubs around South Arica. Her infectious energy and unique musical vision have earned her a dedicated fanbase that eagerly awaits her next performance. Whether it’s rocking a night club , or a outdoor festival she continues to leave an indelible mark in the psytrance scene. As her journey as a DJ unfolds, it is evident that her passion for music knows no bounds.

With her unwavering commitment to musical diversity, clean mixing, and captivating stage presence, she continues to push the boundaries of what it means to be a DJ. She is an inspiration to all aspiring artists and a testament to the power of music to transcend genres and create a profound connection between artist and audience.

She also performs other genres and styles such as her one act that plays techno , house , minimal, downtempo as DJ Lili Rose. Her love for electronic music goes far and wide. Under her other alias “Flower Power ” she performs psytrance , that ranges from 140-148 bmp.



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