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Pulpa Music

Pulpa Music is an Argentine company which create incredible outdoor electronic music events in Buenos Aires, focusing on genres such as Psytrance, Full On and Progressive Psytrance.

Established in 2017, they started there journey with an Outdoor event on 10th of December which was held in Pilar, Buenos Aires. The first “Pool Party” of many, starting the first “Pulpera Season”. In January 2018, they hosted their second event, which was well attended & received positive feedback, with the audience wanting more.

Entering into 2019 Pulpa established itself as one of the most well known Argentine psy events in Buenos Aires because of their incredible Outdoor parties!

Throughout 2019 & early 2020 they continued to hold their successful monthly outdoor events, but due to the current pandemic Pulpa have been able to host any of their monthly events & have turned their attentions to “Pulpa Live Streaming” via Twitch where they can keep bringing music and joy to their audience.



Djs Residents:
EarthNoise (Fundador)
Bomb Voyage
Solar Noise
Virtual Illusion
Virtual Noise
Harrizon (Streaming Zone)
Fede Legui
Patrick Jane & Klovx

Contact: [email protected]