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Vortex Trance Adventures

Step into a Vortex of love, a kaleidoscope of colour and spiral into a world of psychedelic music, art and dance with Vortex Trance Adventures. Vortex has nurtured psytrance culture in South Africa for the last quarter of a century, and gathers together visionaries from across the world to bring you a mind-bending, consciousness-altering and foot stomping experience with music, décor, lighting and artworks from the best international psychedelic artists.

Every care is taken to create the set and setting for the ultimate African psychedelic trance adventure: trippy dance floors vividly captivating in the day, and mind-boggling at night; top quality sound systems pumping out the clearest and highest psytrance sounds; shaded camping along a river; and beautiful, colourful beaming people from around the world. Psychedelic trance is a way of life. We create an atmosphere with sounds, visuals and vibrations where we can learn about the beauty of the world, and our relationships in it.

On the dance floor, we can connect to ourselves, each other and to consciousness, in new ways. We can create new ways of being in the world. In the timeless, ancient rhythms of dance, music and psychedelic experience lies an infinite pool of learning and beauty that each of us can dip into. At trance festivals across the globe we create these unifying, transformative spaces. It is only with the true intentions and clear vision of organisers, artists and participants that these elements come together to create this magic.

Vortex Trance adventures draws psychonauts and party people from all across the country and right across the world. A diversity of folk, from young to old, enjoy the magical space created between nature, music, art, and dance. In the spirit of Goa, carnival and trance cultures come together in a safe and spiritually charged space of freedom, peace, love, unity and respect. Find out more at