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Buenos Aires [Argentina] close

ANIMA is the artistic name of the Progressive Psytrance Dj Sofia Piombetti. She has always liked to listen to music & artists that bring you not just their tracks but that also tell a story through their music. She started mixing & doing her production studies at the end of […]

Tune Raider

Knysna [South Africa] close

Tune Raider (Pamm Legg), is one of South Africa’s top female Psy-Trance DJ’s. She has been rocking the circuit for over 17 years and is still growing in popularity season after season, slamming dance floors at South Africa’s top psy trance events such as Alien Safari, Rezonance, Vortex , Earth […]


São Paulo [Brazil] close

The Brazilian duo, Bruna Garcia and Fernando Lopes, aka Atmaom, explore infinite possibilities among PsyTrance, and even with all the acid and aggressivity, their music bring a lot of emotion and energy. Following their hearts, and based on lots of studies, the duo keep innovating day by day. They both […]

Mad Goblins

mid-west [Brazil] close

Mad Goblins stands for the dark side of the duo Caio and Ciro, based in Brazil. They have been producing together since 2012 under the name of Alchemy Circle and in 2018 they released their second musical project. Connecting varied influences, its music reveals their taste for the fast psy-trance […]

Pascal & Pearce

Cape Town [South Africa] close

After a chance meeting in 2007, Pascal Ellinas and Dave Pearce began the stellar journey of South Africa’s number one DJ/Production duo, Pascal & Pearce. Known for their versatility, their constantly evolving style ranges across all types of dance music. Their sets have been described as energetic, melodic and progressive. […]

Side Quest

Cape Town [South Africa] close

Side Quest is a South African based Dj and producer of psychedelic trance. With much passion, drive and heart for this style of music, Angelo nauschutz (Side Quest) has been building up his production and DJ skills since the days in 2013 and hasn’t stopped then, waiting to give the […]


Cape Town [South Africa] close

PsyRock – Is a psytrance act of 24 year old Pierre Jacques Schnitzer, he is always moving the crowd with a combination of uplifting, motivating, inspiring, energetic psytrance music. PsyRock is also open to a variety of psytrance subgenres such as Dirty/Future Prog, Progressive Full on and more as he […]


Cape Town [South Africa] close

From the overground to the underground, Jaden Smith continues to push boundaries over multiple genres. “Aiming to spread the love for moments that music creates.“ Having shared stages with some of SA’s biggest hitters, Smiddie has grown to understand the vast realities of different cultures, allowing him to set the […]

Brainstorm Music

Cape Town [South Africa] close

Rafiek Gideon is a South African producer who uses his creativity to make music that people enjoy. He believes that in order to be able to make good music, you should first be able to listen to it. His mixing style consists of innovative productions which merges heavy psychedelic groove […]


Cape Town [South Africa] close

Solus is the Psychedelic Trance project of Hanré Kotzé, currently residing in Cape Town, South Africa. Growing up in a music school, Solus tried his hand at various instruments and got hooked playing metal guitar for most of his teen years. His love for psytrance began in 2012 when he […]

Psyence of the Apes

Oxford [United Kingdom] close

Psyence of the Apes is the psychedelic forest style project by UK Oxford based producer Raphael Kirmayr. Raphael was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and moved to the UK at a very young age. With an enormous passion for psychedelic music, he has been djing across the underground scene in […]


Athens [Greece] close

P.R.O.G. (Power Resistance Of Greece) Is a new generation of trance music projects from Greece with experienced members on that kind of music. They specialize in Psychedelic Progressive Trance and have a lot of worldwide influences. Both artists were born in Greece and their love for music makes them creative […]

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