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Johannesburg [South Africa] close

Thaps was born on 14 January 2001 in Johannesburg, South Africa. His love for music and in particular drumming became evident at the age of 3. He started formal lessons at age 8 and became the youngest member of the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra the following year. Thaps has played alongside […]

The Freakshow

Holon [Israel] close

Etay has been living and breathing music throughout his life, since Early childhood he’s been raised around music. Much of His inspiration comes from Ethnic music Cinematic Music Rock Pop And More, with more up to date electro & trance mixing in, reflected in their upcoming tunes! Freak Show Can […]

Mark Valsecchi

Johannesburg [South Africa] close

Making a name for himself as the mixing engineer of choice for a selection of the world’s leading electronic music acts and labels, as well as having worked in live sound and professional studios for upward of 15 Years – Mark has been carving a niche for his razor sharp […]

Brainstorm Music

Cape Town [South Africa] close

Rafiek Gideon is a South African producer who uses his creativity to make music that people enjoy. He believes that in order to be able to make good music, you should first be able to listen to it. His mixing style consists of innovative productions which merges heavy psychedelic groove […]

Black Chef

Johannesburg [South Africa] close

Black Chef is a late 90s kid from Lesotho, who moved to South Africa in 2007. A new Kid in the Electronic & Techno, who Has been a music freak since an early age but never had a chance to be fully join the music industry until 2016. Where he […]


Cape Town [South Africa] close

The Brontide effect is a low muffled sound like distant thunder thought to be caused by feeble earth tremors. This is the sound of Brontide!   Brontide is a South African artist based in Cape Town, who is signed to Nexus Media and has played at parties such as Alien […]


Cape Town [South Africa] close

Cultivating a very vibrant and energetic sound, GonZo (Nurulmobeen Musthapa) is a 25-year-old artist from Cape Town, South Africa. Originally from Kwa-Zulu Natal, self-taught DJ/Producer GonZo has developed his craft with the use of his unorthodox palate for music and has been able to develop a unique experience earning him […]

Motion Theory

Wilderness [South Africa] close

Motion Theory is the psychedelic trance project by Tyron Berry, Psytrance lover and specialist, born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. He has been involved in the music scene since his childhood and he soon discovered the psytrance scene in the early 2000’s, which is now his primary passion […]


Cape Town [South Africa] close

NEXON is the all new progressive alias act of Dan Scot! “Going back to my progressive roots where it all began on the sunny shores of Kogel Bay with The Collective” No stranger to the scene Dan has been around since the birth of progressive psy in Cape Town. No […]

Nick Grater

Johannesburg [South Africa] close

Nick Grater has been a stalwart powerhouse of the techno industry in South Africa for more than twenty years. As with any DJ, his career began humbly with a simple residence at Atomic in Johannesburg. From these humble beginnings rose a force to be reckoned with. Nick has almost single-highhandedly […]


Thessaloniki [Greece] close

Orisma, Dj & Producer currently at Yellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings, born in Greece on November 1988 in his home town Thessaloniki. From a very young age his passion for music was born, at the age of 12 he started developing an interest for electronic rhythms. At the age of 15 […]


Cape Town [South Africa] close

“Defuse” is the Techno alias of Dan Scot!! Defuse was created with the sole intention of separating the multi talents of Psy Trance alias Dan Scot and magnifying his Underground sound of Techno. Coming from a musically orientated Scottish family he was raised with music from as early as he […]

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