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Rosario [Argentina]


Born in the City of Rosario Argentina. Dj / Producer and founder of Fiesta Psy Rosario, has come a long way since his career began in 2011. He transited styles such as progressive, tech, minimal, trance, among others. After Gaining experience & building his technique, he started his journey with mixing psychedelic trance. Shortly after his first track (Indigo) launched under the Speedsound Rec label.

Already taking shape and marking a style that goes through psy-trance, psychedelic and full on, his tracks contain psychedelic rhythms, harmony, deep melodies and a lot of power in the bass and kicks.

He shared a booth with Artists such as (Sneijder, Les Oberon, Mjor7, XNoise, Vimana Phanatic and Javier Bussola among other National Artists.
Working with labels such as Hydrah records from Mexico and Reliquia Booking from Mexico. He currently works at NeuroTrance Records, Goa Records and Middle-aged Dude’s Mystical Audio Rec.



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Booking contacts

Agency: Agitato Records

Phone: +54 341 247-2433

Email: [email protected]