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Melbourne [Australia]


Phenomenal is incredibly excited and passionate to create an experience, one what takes people through a musical journey into other dimensions, one that will bring people more connected to themselves and the universe. Phenomenal was first introduced to progressive trance (prog) at the age of 16 and immediately fell in love with it after going to underground warehouse parties in Melbourne.

He experienced his first party in the bush (Rainbow Serpent 2016) which expanded his taste in music to Progressive Psy. This is when he decided to start DJing in February 2016. He played his first few gigs a few months later in May. Whilst exploring music as a DJ, he fell in love with Full-On Psy-trance.

He would spend hours and hours at home in his room listening to it exploring all different sides of the spectrum. Excited to see what was coming next within this journey.


Phenomenal got to the point of his music career to take the turn to producing. He was introduced to FL studio 11 by a few friends and then had an urge to explore the program everyday. His main focus was nothing else but producing. A couple of months after learning the basics of FL Studio 11 and a few synths. Phenomenal released his first track in June 2016 (The Beast).

In the period of 2 years he released 10 Psy-Trance tracks (that are still accessible in his ‘Old Project’ playlist). In July 2018 he decided it was time to move over to Ableton Live. Phenomenal has done Cert III & Diploma of Electronic Music Production, which gave him the main aspects of using the program Ableton Live.

Phenomenal has now fell in love with psychedelic trance as a passion for life. He is very grateful for this opportunity to be so connected with him self and the music. To this day Dillon remains creating universal experiences for the people of this earth.

Supported artists such as Mandragora, 4i20, Ritmo, Jacob, Phaxe, Spacey Space, Metronome, Unseen Dimension, Tezla, & Bizzare Contact.


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