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São Paulo [Brazil]


Paula was one of the first artists to play dark psychedelic in Brazil, in the early 2000´s. For a long time, she was actively involved in strengthening the trance scene, organizing tours with artists who had never come to the country as well as participating in the production of parties that planted the seed of underground and highly psychedelic music.

She likes to deconstruct styles and share her deep musical research with dancefloor. Striking basslines and a high energy charge are combined with an atmosphere created for active meditation moments.

In addition to celebrations throughout Brazil, she has performed in several countries around the world and has her next international tour scheduled for the summer of 2020 in Europe. Today she is part of Grimm Records, a Brazilian collective known for releasing extreme lysergic “forest sounds” that pass away from the traditional. She recently joined Catar Records, a Spanish label that has gained momentum in the release of avant-garde music within the broad spectrum of forest, dark and hi-tech.




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