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London [United Kingdom]


NOEIN (νοεῖν) is a psytrance music project and dj act by Haris D. Originally from Hellas, residing in London England. His music is formed through an intransigently psychedelic medley of immersive soundscapes, timbral tranceformations, exuberant grains, ferocious noises, and a convergence of styles culminating in an auditory excitation.

The name derived from the present active infinitive of the ancient Greek verb Noéō (νοέω) and it means to perceive, to observe. Describes the faculty of the human mind/ intellect (Nous) for understanding what’s true and real.

An avid psytrance music collector since he encountered the scene in 1999, he started DJing a few years later, and created the project in 2015. Noein is also part of Freak Records and a founding member of the Peaking Duck Collective, a psytrance party organisation in London.




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