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Hoax is Dwayne Lucas from South Africa, Cape Town. He first discovered Psytrance through his friends in the year 2006. After attending several festivals for a few seasons he got the feel of the Psytrance scene. It was then when he decided to create his own Psytrance project as a DJ. He started producing Psytrance in 2011 after studying at Front Left School of Psytrance Music Production with one of the best Psytrance Producers from South Africa known as Frozen Ghost. Since then he has been working on his style and sound. In 2014, Hoax released his first debut EP with the South African Label { Psy.ology Records },featuring; Anti spin, Selective Hearing and Frozen Ghost.

This EP was a full power release and hit the Top 5 on Beatport and 1st on Juno Download. His track Godzilla with UK Artists Anti spin was a best seller on on both digital online stores. Soon after his debut EP, Hoax released his 2nd EP called Specimen 7 on the Portuguese label, Hyper gate Records which was a real banging release, featuring international artists; Roby ( Mexico ), Dunkelheitz ( Mexico ), Leppy ( Portugal ).

This was an EP that introduced the Hoax Sound/Style for the first time giving everyone a fresh taste of what they can expect from Hoax and his upcoming releases. For the last 3 years Hoax has played along side some of the best local and international artists around the world such as, Skazi, Pixel, Azax Syndrome, Bliss, Upgrade, Space Buddha, U-Recken, Biogenesis, Orca, Infected Mushroom, Hiyarant, Shift, Dileriant, Hiyamyzo, Frozen Ghost, Disco Volante, Iliuchina and many more. Near the end of 2014 Hoax released his 3rd EP called Frantic on another well known South African label called Kaos Krew. This was a 3 track EP with 2 solo tracks and a featuring track with the Mexican Live act of Manuel Olmos, better known as ThorusWrath. Soon after this release Hoax got offered a 2 month Mexican tour, where he played at 8 festivals in and around Mexico and at one of Mexico’s biggest productions, The Rounders Festival by Moon Crystal Records.

This was a huge step in Hoax’s music career. Hoax definitely appeared on the map after playing at the Rounders Festival featuring world class artists; Bliss, Upgrade, Iliuchina, Space Buddha, U-Recken, Black Messa and many more.


After returning home, Hoax ended 2014 releasing a couple of singles on Mechanik Records (USA), Ataxia Corp (Mexico), Upnoize Records (Portugal) and Hyper gate Records (Portugal). In 2015 Hoax signed with the big Japanese label known as Terror Lab Industries. He is currently working on a fresh EP for his newly signed Record Label. Hoax is proud to announce that in April 2015 he will be playing at one of South Africa’s finest productions hosted yearly by { Psy.ology Records }, better known as the Jungala Festival with a huge international lineup featuring; System Sequence ( Mexico ), Iliuchina ( Isreal ), Space Tribe ( UK ), Mad Maxx ( Spain ), Khainz ( Switzerland ) and Wild Monkey from France. Hoax’s music is based on a very unique sound and technique.

His sound is characterized by huge tight Kick and Bass, mixed up with some powerful virus leads, dynamic rhythms and psychedelic effects. Hoax’s music style is something to watch out for and will definitely be found on South Africa’s biggest Psytrance dance floors. [ EP – LP Releases ] 1. Hoax – Meet The Maker EP { Psy.ology Records } [2014] 2. Hoax – Specimen 7 EP { Hypergate Records } [2014] 3. Hoax – Frantic EP { Kaos Krew Records } [2014] [ Single Releases ] 1. Hoax vs Frozen Ghost – Adventure Time. [2014] 2. Hoax vs Frontrunner – Fire Rises. [2014] 3. Hoax – Fuck Mainstream. [2015] 4. Hoax vs Anxiety – Wrath. [2014] 5. Hoax vs Frozen Ghost ft JustOne – Robot Chicken. [2015] 6. Hoax vs 1.16 vs Brain Twisted – Pernicious. [2015] 7. Hoax vs 1.16 – Gateway To Another Universe.[2015]



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