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Music Festival

Echo Gatherings: Elements of Life 2020

De Hoek Mountain Resort / 27 November 2020 close

We have thus far individually celebrated all the Elements of Life itself through our Echo Gatherings EARTH-FIRE-AIR-WATER-SPIRIT-REBIRTH and finally we have arrived at ECHO “ELEMENTS OF LIFE”. These very Elements create the very beautiful Universe we all LIVE LOVE LAUGH & PLAY in. With THIS ECHO GATHERING we are going […]

Bloom Festival 2021

Hornbill Lodge / 24 September 2021 close

Bloom Festival 2021 A conceptual event creating a mind-blowing, mesmerising experience through music, movement and art. Our gathering is an intimate, immersive journey in a beautiful, sacred space. We are a collaborative heart project of like minds promoting conscious partying and progressive rave culture. Our aim is to radically transform […]

Echo Gatherings Day Festival: Featuring GONZI

The Wildfarm / 9 October 2021 close

Echo Gatherings Day Festival: Featuring Gonzi As we know we always need a warm up before the main event , and what could we ask for than to bring the Legend GONZI. Its been 4 years since this legend has graced our shores.. The event will be a full day […]

Wacky Woods Festival: Featuring Gonzi

Wacky Woods Riverside Resort / 15 October 2021 close

Wacky Woods Festival: Featuring Gonzi So its been a while since the Garden Route boys have made an appearance at the woods, and what a way to make a return by bringing superstar GONZI to the beautiful Wacky Woods , 3 days of magic with some of the SA’s finest Techno […]

Tyger’s Den: One Year Gathering

The Gem of the Bushveld / 29 October 2021 close

TYGER'S DEN: One Year Gathering A One Year gathering of love, laughter, joy, happiness and Banging Music from The Cream of the Crop all hand picked and supported by Mind Blowing artist and Friends that have come together to show case there best tunes on Heaven and Earth. So come [...]

Rebirth Festival 2021

5 November 2021 close

Rebirth Festival 2021/2022 In a time of sure uncertainty, we as humans are faced with a time like never before. Let us come together as a tribe, friends, and family and dance off the negativity of 2021. Challenges are gifts that force to find a new center of gravity. Every […]

Into the Wild | Moon Child 21

Riverside Forest / 6 November 2021 close

Into the Wild | Moon Child 2021 Join us for our next edition of Moon Child, a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and celebrate summer surrounded by nature and friends. Wildlings – We have missed your beautiful energy and the sonic echoes of the forest more than you can imagine. With […]

Echo Gatherings: Elements of Life 2021

De Hoek Mountain Resort / 26 November 2021 close

Elements of Life We have thus far individually celebrated all the elements of life itself through our echo gatherings Earth-fire-air-water-spirit-rebirth and finally we have arrived at echo “elements of life”. These very elements create the very beautiful universe we all live love laugh & play in. With this echo gathering […]

Sungazer Festival

Nelsons Creek Wine Estate / 11 December 2021 close

☀️ Sungazer Festival 🦎 Welcome to Sungazer Festival, a new outdoor experience from a seasoned production team based in Cape Town, South Africa. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we aim to showcase the best electronic music in beautiful scenic locations with industry-leading equipment. Official Website: LINE […]