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Johannesburg [South Africa]


Zandré van Zyl is a 21 year old born in Cape Town on a Psychoactive Journey through sound. Psytech is a form of Psychedelic Techno that is taking the world by storm! It’s a hybrid genre that sits between Progressive Psytrance and Techno. It’s early days for Psytech but the people that have heard this music said it speaks a different language.

“This is me , Its what I am , Music made me!”

He started working with music at a young age & feels that music was the language that helped him through life and its journey. He has topped the Beatport charts  in 2x categories: Minimal Techno #15 & Psytrance #4. he is a Remixer for Egomorph (ITA) & a Mix Engineer for DazedSpoon. While also being a regular Dj on DHRK SONIC RADIO.


Frisson Records
DenseNebula Records
Pointzero Rec

Love, Unity & Respect.


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